The direct staff, used for truckage, is constantly retrained with training courses and integrated with indirect, clearly professional collaborators, which are quarterly chosen and confirmed, according to an evaluation based on quality and service.

The multimodal service  is born from ours habs of:

Verdello (Mi) Cuneo (CN) Modena (Mo)
Bologna (Bo) Foligno (Pg) Lucca (Lu)
Terni (Tr) Isernia (Is) Maddaloni (Na)

with the possibility of having trains with mixed goods at command.

The naval service is provided from the harbour of:

Palermo (Pa) Civitavecchia (Rm) Venezia (Ve)
Termini Imerese (Pa) Napoli (Na) Ravenna (Ra)
Messina (Me) Salerno (Sa) Genova (Ge)
Catania (Ct)
Trapani (Tp)

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